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We are a major supplier of a high-quality range of portable fire protection equipment to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Australian Fire Supplies are fully committed to the quality and supply of all our products to the highest possible standards for our customers. 

Australian Fire Supplies Medical division carries a 5 Star rating due primarily to our wide range of quality products, excellent pricing and fast shipment. 100% quality guarantee!

Our Guarantee

  • Highest quality Australian products
  • All products meet Australian fire standards
  • Prompt shipping with tracking ID
  • Fully qualified testing officers available for onsite testing
  • All First Aid kit refits with 100% quality medical brands
  • Customer Service is 2nd to none.

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We have an undisputed wide range of high quality Australian Products.  You can fit your home with  both Hardwired Smoke alarms, portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets from our wide range of products. Please ensure that you do have a safe “Fire Evacuation Plan” and that every family member are fully prepared.     Australian Fire Supplies.

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